Why My Budgie Can No Longer Fly: 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Have you observed that, despite no longer being able to fly, your parrot is fluttering its wings?

 This can be a concerning situation for budgie owners. This article will explore the main reasons behind this issue and provide some insights to help you understand what might be happening.

Struggling to Walk: Paralysis, Fractured Bone, or Ataxia
Why My Budgie Can No Longer Fly: 4 Signs to Watch Out For 7

Clipped Flying Feathers or Wing Injuries

One common reason budgies cannot fly is if their feathers have been clipped. Some breeders choose to do this to prevent the birds from flying away. In such cases, you must be patient until the next annual molt, when your budgie should regrow its primary flight feathers.

Another possibility is that your budgie has an injured wing. Inspect the branch for any signs of injury or bruising. A bruised wing can cause your budgie to struggle with flying. If you suspect damage, you must seek professional examination and treatment from a veterinarian.

Struggles with Landing and Walking

If your budgie is having difficulty landing or walking, several underlying causes could exist. It might have an injured or fractured leg, making landing and walking uncomfortable. Check for any bruising or abnormalities in its legs, wings, or limbs.

Additionally, your budgie may be experiencing muscle strain or abdominal tumors, affecting mobility. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s advisable to consult a vet for a thorough examination and appropriate treatment.

Struggling to Walk: Paralysis, Fractured Bone, or Ataxia

Struggling to Walk: Paralysis, Fractured Bone, or Ataxia

If your budgie struggles to walk, it could be due to various factors. Paralysis, caused by different medical conditions, can affect the bird’s walking ability. Ataxia, a disease affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, can also result in difficulty walking.

Another possibility is a fractured bone, which may occur if a heavy object hits the leg. Additionally, muscle strain can cause pain and hinder movement. If your budgie is experiencing persistent difficulties in walking, seeking the attention of a veterinarian is crucial for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Flying Low and Lack of Energy

If your budgie is flying low or lacks the energy to fly high, it could indicate an underlying issue. Illness can cause budgies to fly at lower heights due to reduced energy levels. Watch for symptoms such as loss of appetite, watery droppings, and fluffed-up feathers, which may indicate illness.

Molting can also affect their flying capabilities temporarily. During this period, please wait for your budgie to grow back its full flying feathers before expecting it to fly high again. However, ensure that bird breeders have not intentionally clipped its feathers.

Encouraging Your Budgie to Fly

Budgies are social animals that require regular exercise, including flying, to stay healthy. Not allowing your budgie to fly can have negative impacts on its well-being. To promote practice, provide a safe and enclosed space, such as a closed room, where your budgie can fly freely.

If your budgie is nervous about flying, it may be due to various reasons, including being in a new environment or previous traumatic experiences. Gradually introducing it to flying activities can help overcome its fears and encourage it to fly.


Understanding why your budgie cannot fly is essential for providing appropriate care. Whether it’s due to clipped feathers, injuries, illness, or other factors, consulting a veterinarian is recommended to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Remember to create a safe environment that allows your budgie to engage in natural flying activities to maintain its overall health and well-being.

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