Do cats know their owners love them?

So you have a cat. This furry little creature has become a part of your family, but do they know how much you care about them? You pour food in their bowl, give them constant belly rubs and head scratches, and play with their favorite feather toy, yet they still seem so aloof. Unlike dogs, cats don’t crave affection and attachment to their owners in quite the same way. But don’t be fooled; your cat is more in tune with you than you realize. Cats form close bonds with their owners and pick up on emotional cues that show they are cared for and loved. While they may not smother you with sloppy kisses, many subtle signs prove your cat knows you love them. Their contented purring, slow blinking, and kneading are all signs of a happy, well-loved feline. So give your cat an extra treat and belly rub – they know your affection and will gratefully return it, even if it’s in their own independent, quirky way.

How Cats Express Affection Toward Their Owners

how cats express affection toward their owners
how cats express affection toward their owners

Cats show affection for their owners in adorable ways. One of the most obvious is rubbing against you. When your cat rubs up against your leg or pushes their head into your hand, they mark you with their scent and claim you as theirs.

Purring is another sign your cat loves you. Cats often purr to comfort themselves but also to comfort others – like you! Purring releases endorphins that calm and soothe, so when your cat curls up in your lap and purrs away, they’re showing you some primary affection.

Grooming behaviors like licking or nibbling you gently are other ways cats express fondness for their owners. Cats that groom you see you as a member of their social group. It’s a bonding behavior, so let them lick and nibble away!

Following you or always wanting to be in the same room as you are signs that your cat enjoys your company and wants to be close to you. Cats are independent creatures, so the fact that your cat craves closeness shows how much they care.

Slowly blinking eyes, or cat kisses, as they’re sometimes called, are your cat’s way of giving you a little wink and air kiss. When your cat stares at you, slowly closes their eyes, and opens them again, they tell you they feel comfortable, happy, and loved.

So while cats may not be as openly expressive as dogs, your feline friend has many subtle ways of showing how much they love you. Pay attention to their body language and behaviors, and you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for your cat’s affection!

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Signs Your Cat Knows You Love Them

signs your cat knows you love them
Signs your cat knows you love them

Your cat knows you care. How can you tell? Here are a few signs:

1. Purring and kneading.

When your cat purrs, nuzzles and kneads you, they show contentment and happiness. Cats only exhibit these behaviors toward people they love and trust.

2. Following you around.

If your cat trails after you from room to room, they enjoy your company and want to be near you. They recognize you as their favorite human and source of food, play, and cuddles.

3. Rolling over to expose their belly

Cats rolling onto their backs and showing you their belly offer deep trust and affection. They’re making themselves vulnerable because they feel safe with you. Go ahead, give that belly a rub!

4. Giving you ‘gifts.’

Don’t be alarmed if your cat brings you little presents like toys, feathers, or the occasional dead animal. It’s their way of sharing something they value with their most beloved human. Say “thank you” and give them extra praise and pets.

5. Coming when called.

Cats are independent creatures, so if yours responds when you call their name or meows for attention, it shows they recognize you and crave interaction. Give your cat plenty of playtime, grooming, and treats to strengthen the bond.

With all the signs your cat gives to show they care, there’s no doubt they know how much you love them too. Keep up the affection, and your feline friend will remain your loyal and loving companion for life.

Do Cats Know Their Owners Love Them: The Verdict

So do cats know when their owners love them? The verdict is. Here are some signs your cat may pick up on your affection:

  • Your cat responds when you call, come near, or pet them. Cats are independent creatures, so if they react positively to your presence and interactions, that’s a good sign they feel a bond with you.
  • Your cat chooses to be around you. If your cat follows you around, lies near you when you’re working or relaxing, or greets you at the door when you come home, they likely enjoy your company and see you as a source of companionship.
  • Your cat maintains eye contact with you. Cats don’t often gaze into each other’s eyes, so when they do make eye contact with you, it usually means they feel comfortable and connected. Slowly blinking at your cat is a way to reciprocate their affection and build trust.
  • Your cat rubs against you. When cats rub against people or objects, they mark them with their scent and show a sense of ownership and familiarity. Your cat likely sees you as part of their inner circle when they rub against you.
  • Your cat purrs and kneads around you. Loud purring and kneading with their paws are signs of contentment and happiness in cats. Suppose your cat only exhibits these behaviors around you. In that case, it demonstrates a strong bond, and being near you makes them feel exceptionally peaceful and snug.

While your cat may not love you precisely like humans, they can form close attachments and recognize you as a source of care, comfort, and security. With patience and affection, you’ll build a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.


So at the end of the day, while cats may not express affection as humans do, there’s no doubt they form close bonds with their owners and recognize the people who care for them. Maybe they don’t run to greet you at the door or drool all over your face, but when they curl up in your lap for a nap or chirp at you for dinner, that’s their way of showing they know you’re someone special. Sure, cats like to act aloof at times, but cat owners learn the truth: behind that veil of indifference are animals that cherish the people who love them. Your cat might not say it out loud, but their daily actions tell you that you’re their favorite human. And that’s all the proof you need.

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