How do dogs choose their favorite person?

Ever wonder how your dog decides who their favorite person is? You feed, walk, and play with them, yet they always seem to prefer one person over everyone else. What’s the secret formula for becoming your dog’s chosen human? There’s no exact science, but dogs tend to bond most closely with the person who checks off a few key boxes. Do you spend quality one-on-one time with them? Give them plenty of affection and play. Take over their primary care like feeding, walking, and grooming? Make training them a priority. If you do these things, you’ll likely be at the top of their list. Of course, sometimes it just comes down to an unexplainable personal connection. Still, in general, dogs choose people who choose them right back.

Bonding Through Quality Time

Spending quality time with your dog is vital to becoming their favorite person. Play with them, walk them, groom them, train them – the more positive interactions you have, the stronger your bond will become.

Dogs are social creatures and thrive on attention from their owners. Set aside time each day just for your pup. Play fetch in the backyard, brush them while watching TV, or take them for an extra long walk at the park. Making these moments a consistent part of their routine will make you the highlight of their day.

Learn to speak your dog’s language. Please pay close attention to their body language and sounds to understand better what they want or need. Respond appropriately with pets, scratches, and verbal cues to show you know them. This kind of communication and positive reinforcement strengthens your connection.

Of course, treats and rewards don’t hurt either. While quality time and attention are most important, giving your dog little snacks or a favorite toy when they respond to you or master a new trick is a great way to make yourself even more valuable to them.

The key is just making an effort to bond with your dog. Set aside distractions and be fully present in the moments you spend together. Your dog will value your undivided attention, and you’ll forge a bond that will last a lifetime, making all the effort worthwhile. After all, our dogs are only part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole life.

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Providing Food and Treats Builds Trust

how do dogs choose their favorite person 1
how do dogs choose their favorite person 1

Dogs are naturally pack animals. Consequently, they often form strong bonds with their owners and families.

But many dogs choose a particular favorite person. If that’s you, it’s probably because you try to build trust and a bond with your pup.

For starters, you’re likely the one who feeds and treats them the most. You place their bowl down at mealtimes and tell them, “Good dog!” as they chow down. You also slip them little bites of chicken or liver treats when they do something good. Dogs associate the person who feeds them with the positive feeling of being fed.

You’re also probably the one who plays with them, takes them on walks, and gives them belly rubs the most. Engaging in play releases endorphins in dogs that make them feel good, and they associate that positive feeling with you. Walks are also bonding experiences where it’s just the two of you.

But you’re the one who interacts with and cares for them the most. You talk to them in a friendly, upbeat tone, scratch them behind the ears, and cuddle up with them on the couch. They recognize you as their source of food, shelter, play, and affection.

Over time, these positive interactions build trust and help cement your status as their favorite. Your dog chooses you because you’ve shown them, love, created a bond of trust and familiarity, and made them feel safe, secure, and cared for daily. What’s more, you’ve earned a faithful friend for life.

How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person FAQ

how dogs choose their favorite person faq
How do dogs choose their favorite person?

Dogs are gregarious creatures that frequently form close relationships with their owners and families. But many dogs choose one particular person as their absolute favorite. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs pick their #1 human, here are some of the top reasons:


Dogs often feel most attached to the person they’ve known the longest or see the most frequently. You’re likely at the top of their list if you feed, walk, play with, and care for your dog daily. Dogs are creatures of habit and bond firmly with those they rely on and interact with regularly.

Personality Match

Some dogs gravitate toward people with a similar temperament or energy level. A high-energy, playful dog may be the family’s most fun and active member. A more independent dog may choose the person who gives them the most space. Dogs tend to get along best with people with whom they share a natural rapport and dynamic.

Affection and Rewards

Dogs love attention, play, and treats. Whoever shows a dog the most affection, gives them rewards, and engages in sport or training is likely their favorite. Dogs bond very closely with people who make them feel good and shower them with positive reinforcement.

Trust and Security

For some dogs, their favorite person is the one they feel safest and most secure with. This could be the person who rescued them, cares for them when they’re sick or anxious, or is simply the most patient, gentle, and comforting. Dogs tend to bond closely with people they trust to keep them happy, healthy, and protected.

While dogs certainly develop a special connection with other family members, there are clear reasons why they often choose one favorite person above all others to bond with most closely. Attention to these factors can help strengthen your bond with your faithful canine companion.


So there you have it. Dogs choose their favorite person based on a combination of biological and behavioral factors. They have an instinct to bond with the humans that feed, play with, and care for them the most. But an element of chemistry and personality matching also comes into play. While you can’t force a dog to choose you as their favorite, you can stack the odds in your favor by being the one who walks, feeds, and plays with them regularly. Give them plenty of praise, belly rubs, and treats. Speak to them in a friendly, upbeat tone. And, of course, be your lovable self! Do that, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming their favorite person.

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